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End of November Fishing Report

November 27th, 2011 Written By: Posted In: Fishing Reports

Well, what can I say other than Neely Henry has hit her stride going into the cold winter months. Finally, we have a solid late Fall, early Winter pattern that has come into play and I expect it to be going full steam till we get into that “nasty cold” weather as I like to call it. Fish are feeding up before the cold and every fish I am catching looks like its about to bust! Right now I am throwing a lot of “reaction”  type baits. My main bait over the last week has been a Castaway Crankbait. These baits have a unique action and “wobble” to them that I haven’t seen in a crankbait and I have definitely found a new go to crankbait. When the bite get’s tough, you can pick one of these baits up and the bite isn’t so tough anymore if you know what I mean!

Most fish right now are being caught in water temps around 58 degrees and I am really targeting that 5-7ft range banks. The water level on Neely is really low right now and I believe fish have really had to focus on this type of bank because the water is gone on places they use to hang out. I am throwing the Castaway squarebills on 10lb FluroCarbon with a Lew’s cranking reel and a Greg’s Custom Rod cranking stick. This light line really seems to be the ticket and the Lew’s reel with its super low  gear ration keeps you from getting it by them to fast. Fish are still adjusting to the colder temps so things such as rattle traps just seem to be a little too fast right now. When you go out on the water really try to focus on getting the crankbait down to the bottom and just let it “slow roll” off the bottom structure. Still 50% of the time, the strikes are coming right at the boat, which tells me the fish are still a little sluggish but you can be assured as the weather starts to stabilize that will change. These Coosa River spots are like smallmouth, the colder the water, the more feisty they get!

I will be finishing up my college and graduating in a couple weeks, so coming into the new year I am going to be running some specials and discounts on guide trips until I find a “Full-Time” job in the fishing industry. So if you have never been to Neely Henry, or want to get out on the lake and learn some new tips and techniques give me a call! Whatever you want to do, topwater fishing, crankbait fishing, drop-shot, no matter the technique I will find a place for you to do it and hopefully be successful! Make sure to follow me on Facebook for daily updates on the Fan Page! Here are a few pics from the last week:


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Neely Henry October Report

November 2nd, 2011 Written By: Posted In: Fishing Reports

Fishing on Nelly is changing not by the weeks or days but by the hour! This is a great time of year but with so many weather factors playing a part you have to really keep your options open. You can start out the day fishing in 6inches of water, at 11am be fishing in 20ft deep water and by 2pm be fishing 3ft deep with crankbaits haha Its really fun though, last week I had several cast where I would catch a spot and then 3 more follow it to the boat. I expect the big toads to be wanting to play very soon! For some reason, these “Coosa River Spots” are like smallmouth as a lot of you know, the colder the weather the more they want to play! I am running guide specials the rest of the year so make sure to contact me if you want to go fishing!

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Heading to Santee Cooper for BASS Weekend Series Nationals

November 2nd, 2011 Written By: Posted In: Tournament News

First off, I want to say a HUGE thanks for visiting my site! This is the first blog update since the new webdesign and feel free to check out all the links and sign the guestbook. This year has been a fun and exciting year for sure! It started out on Guntersville in Feb. and THANKFULLY still has not ended! I fished the BASS Weekend Series trail this year and had a very average season getting limits in all the regular season tournaments. Come time for our division championship on Guntersville I was ranked 19th for angler of the year and looked like I would easily punch a ticket to the Regional Championship by finishing in the top 40 for angler of the year. Well, as a lot of my friends know….the “Guntersville curse” hit me, as it often does! For some reason that lake “has my number” and its a bad number for sure. I ended up getting a big fat goose egg for two solid day! So all the way home I was absolutely on edge! I didn’t know if I would make the top 40 cut or not since this was a double points tournament. Well, luckily I was able to squeeze in at 38th place and was very excited! I set out the year to make it to that tournament and did so!

The regional championship this year was on the Mobile Delta, I had not ever fished tidal water and due to my school schedule was unable to practice fish. As I pulled up to the boat ramp for our pre-tournament meeting, I seen a dolphin, and obviously I thought to myself “what am I getting into” and said a little prayer. I KNEW my first day on the Delta would be one epic experience but was just happy to be there. After the first day I got a limit which I didn’t think was very much and surprisingly I was in 6th place at the end of the day! I was pretty shocked to say the least, here it is, 1st day on the water and I am in 6th place. So on day 2 I knew I would be staying further south than day 1. Fishing was tough, the wind picked up and I couldn’t get anything going. I was throwing the same baits as day 1 and the fish just was not eating….time passed….and passed….nothing….no bites….finally at 1pm, just 2hrs before weigh-in I started getting pretty shook, here I am, 6th place, and I haven’t got one single fish. “Don’t drop the ball now” was exactly what I was thinking, suddenly I felt something on my spinnerbait, a BLUE CRAB….oh yes that’s when a light bulb as bright as the sun went off in my head, panic mode, beast mode and rockstar mode all kicked in at once lol and as well as a “thank you Lord”. What I had done was stay to close to the saltwater and I wasn’t fishing with their forage, ever heard the term “match the hatch” well I tied on a shrimp imitation bait! 1st two cast I landed stripe, so I knew I was fishing with what they wanted, I went on to land not 1…not 2…but 10!!! Keepers in the last dying moments of the tournament and ended up the day in 6th place! Talk about a train wreck! lol

So, now I am qualified for the National Championship and will be heading to Santee Cooper in South Carolin to fish next week. I will leave on Monday morning, pre-fish Tues, and then the tournament last Wed-Sat with only the top 25 fishing on Saturday. So as you can tell, my tournament season has taken a huge up swing the last couple months and I am greatly looking forward to heading north next week! Thanks for following me and hopefully I will have to GET THE NET!! Next week because I have BIG FISH ON!


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