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Neely Henry October Report

November 2nd, 2011 Written By: Posted In: Fishing Reports

Fishing on Nelly is changing not by the weeks or days but by the hour! This is a great time of year but with so many weather factors playing a part you have to really keep your options open. You can start out the day fishing in 6inches of water, at 11am be fishing in 20ft deep water and by 2pm be fishing 3ft deep with crankbaits haha Its really fun though, last week I had several cast where I would catch a spot and then 3 more follow it to the boat. I expect the big toads to be wanting to play very soon! For some reason, these “Coosa River Spots” are like smallmouth as a lot of you know, the colder the weather the more they want to play! I am running guide specials the rest of the year so make sure to contact me if you want to go fishing!

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