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Dustin King is a professional angler, and Lake Neely Henry guide. If you're interested in booking a trip on Lake Neely Henry, check out the Guide Service page.



Hi, my name is Dustin King, I am 22, and love to fish as you can tell. I currently live in Rainbow City, Alabama on the beautiful Lake Neely Henry with my wonderful grandparents. I started fishing when I was able to hold a rod and loved every minute of it.

Somewhere around the age of 7 my grandfather and I had the privilege of going to the Bassmasters classic weigh-in when they came to Birmingham, Alabama. I will never forget this trip because it is when I first decided to fish at the pro level. Well, my pro career was put off for a couple of years due to elementary school :) but at the age of 12 I fished my first tournament. When the day was over me and my grandfather finished 3rd winning $750. I knew then that fishing for money was the thing for me.

Now ,I am 22, and have won several more tournaments, many top 5 finishes and many more top 10 finishes. I would like to think that I have a natural talent of finding and catching fish that some pros have yet to acquire. I have a  2 year degree in Business Management  from Gadsden State Community College and also a Marketing degree from Jacksonville State University. I hope to use my knowledge of fishing and my education to work full-time in the fishing industry.

Mobile Delta BWS Regional Event


3rd place Local Boy’s Tournament Trail at the age of 12

1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 2 big bass awards Calhoun County Bassmasters

Finished 8 straight tournaments “in the money” during 2009 season

10 years tournament fishing experience

23rd FLW Lake Okeechobee

2008 big bass of the year FOCUS Bass Club

13th Place BFL Lake Neely Henry

6th Place BASS Weekend Series Regional Championship 2011(Mobile Delta)

Qualified to fish BASS Weekend Series National Championship in 2011 (1st year to fish complete trail)

Numerous top 5 and top 10 finishes throughout career

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