Dustin King - Professional Angler & Guide

Dustin King is a professional angler, and Lake Neely Henry guide. If you're interested in booking a trip on Lake Neely Henry, check out the Guide Service page.

King Fisher Guide Service

Starting in 2012 I will be guiding full-time. I have been a part-time guide on Neely Henry since I was around the age of 16 and fished this awesome lake all my life. I will take you out and let you see what I would do if I were fishing a tournament! I have been blessed to win NUMEROUS tournaments on this lake and personally think its one of the best fisheries on the Coosa River.

Also, I will be running frog fishing trips September-October on Lake Guntersville“Grappling for Catfish” on Neely from late May-July4th weekend, “Jug Fishing” Catfish trips May-August(Bottom Fishing Included),Saltwater Stripe trips  Late June-August. So I am available for multiple ways for you to have fun and enjoy the lake!

NO GPS UNITS it has taken me many years to be able to find these spots and catch fish. If you would like a friend to fish these areas I hope to make your day so enjoyable that you refer them to take a trip with me. 


Please feel free to send me an email and I will provide your drink of choice as well as lunch during full day trips. Rest assured my boat will ALWAYS have plenty of water for you to drink also.


PRICES FOR 2012:(1 angler) (please call if more anglers are going)


Full Day Bass- $275 (6am-2pm)


Half Day Bass-$200(6am-10am or 230pm-630pm depending on how I am booked for the day)


Night Fishing Catfish-$400                                                                                                       
(Fish Cleaning Included AWESOME FUN FOR KIDS)( HUGE Discounts offered for Catch&Release)


Frog Trip Lake Guntersville(All Day)- $325 (Lots of fun seeing them bass blow up on top!)
(Discounts offered for 1/2 Day Trips


Saltwater Stripe Trip- $200 Half Day $350 Full Day


Grappling For CATS- $300 Catch and Release ONLY

PLEASE CALL ME if you have any questions on booking. I plan to use a booking service for all bass fishing trips and Night Fishing trips and will need to give you that information. Any other “specialty” trips will have to be booked through me over the phone. Only Night Catfish trips ARE NOT Catch and Release ONLY. All other trips fish must be released to preserve this awesome fishery and hopefully offer another client a fight of fun during another trip. I will be available after 5pm any day of the week for phone calls, due to the fact that I do not like to be on the phone during a guide trip. I find this to be very unprofessional and strive to make all trips fun and successful for all clients with 100% of my attention going towards them during the time they have paid for. People work hard for their money and I appreciate all customers that take a trip with me! 


If you would like to come to Neely and not get a guide trip check outWww.NeelyHenry.com for information on what the fish are biting and also lake reports from all the locals. 

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