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Dustin King is a professional angler, and Lake Neely Henry guide. If you're interested in booking a trip on Lake Neely Henry, check out the Guide Service page.


I could not have a webpage and fail to mention  my current sponsors if not for them my fishing career would not be where it is today.


Wired2Fish/Gemini Jerseys

Talk about an awesome crew and awesome jerseys! I appreciate everything these guy’s are doing for the entire fishing industy. If you want an awesome jersey check out Gemini. If you want to keep up with EVERYTHING fishing industry related check out Wired2fish the #1 source in fishing industry related news. www.Wired2Fish.com

Go2bait Company



Go2Bait company is making the ultimate plastic baits on the market! All of their plastic baits are hand poured giving them superior floating ability. What makes it even better is, I do not think you can find a color that you want that these guys do not carry. If you want it they probly have it starting with their shakey worm all the way up to their 14inch curl tail worm. Also, 3rd place finisher in the 2009 Bassmaster Classic,Brian Snowden, was using a Go2Bait crawl to flip around visible structure.  If you want to catch big bass, fish with what the bass “go to,” and pick up Go2baits today at your nearest dealer. http://www.go2baits.net

   Gregs Custom Rods

I can honestly say I have the best rods on the market in my boat this year. Greg’s Custom Rods are absolutely awesome! I always used mass produced rods until this year and made the switch. WHATEVER you want in a rod can be made, I have learned that this year! Don’t just “settle” for a rod that’s “close to what you want” or a “pretty good rod” when you can have EXACTLY what you want for the same price! Call Greg at 205-608-FISH and he will set you up with the best rods you’ve ever put in your boat! He also does custom designs, Alabama, Auburn, ect….




BoatUS ANGLER provides the best boat insurance policy for tournament anglers
They make sure to cover our boats both on and off the water with superior customer service.
If you travel around fishing you need to also look into their on/off the water towing
program that covers you for as little as $81 a year. www.Boatusangler.com

Lew’s Reels

 Lew's Reels

Introducing my newest sponsor Lew’s fishing! This company makes an absolutely killer reel! As tournament fishermen and just anglers in general we tend to be rough on equipment. When I needed a reel that could stand the day in and out torture of being cast 100′s or more times DAILY Lew’s came to the front! Just pick one up and you can tell just how durable they are! Definitely not your everyday reel! For a high quality reel at a VERY affordable price choose Lew’s! Www.Lews.com 


Austin Treestands

Austin Treestands

If your like me after you get off the water for the winter, it’s time to hit the woods! I always go hunting for big bucks in my Super Mag treestand made by Austin Outdoors. These guys make one of the most comfortable, light, stands on the market. Check out their great products at Www.AustinTreeStands.com



Valley Fashions is making the best custom tournament fishing apparel on the water! I have used several different companies in the past and have finally found the best around! The cool thing is, they do more than tournament jerseys, they also do custom jackets, bibs, and can provide you with a display for your next tackle show if you own a company. Valley does it all!!!


I tried a lot of flurocarbon line when it first come out and was extremely disappointed in their performance. Line breaks, and lost fish was a common occurrence in the boat. Then I tried Berkley 100% Fluro and that was the magic ticket! I have been extremely impressed with the performance of this line and I can honestly say I have NEVER broke a fish off using it and that means the difference between going home with money or going home with your tail tucked between your legs. When your in the business of catching fish, line is the most important thing, and I use Berkley!



431MEDIA Website Design

431MEDIA specializes in small business website design, with an emphasis on the angling industry. If you’re a guide or someone with a product or service related to fishing, 431MEDIA can get your business rolling online. They offer great discounts to everyone in the fishing industry. Check them out at 431MEDIA.COM


GoPro HD Cameras

 Go Pro my newest sponsor is absolutely awesome! These FULLY WATERPROOF HD video cameras are going to unleash a whole new variety of options this fishing season! From catches underwater, video of tournaments, and fishing tips and techniques, my GO PRO will be with me all the way! Click the link to find out more about the awesome addition to your fishing and outdoor adventures! Go Pro….Preserving memories one video at a time.

Order HD Helmet HERO at GoPro.com

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