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Weiss Lake Bassmaster Weekend Series

April 15th, 2012 Written By: Posted In: Tournament News

Well its Sunday and I just got out of church. I had an absolutely awesome day of fishing yesterday, talk about a blast! I was sitting at home watching TV Friday and my phone rings, the weekend series event on Weiss Lake needed some anglers and wanted to know if I would be interested in fishing. Well, I never turn down the opportunity to fish a tournament so I told them to sign me up. I honestly didn’t really know what to expect because I haven’t seen Weiss Lake in a year but the Coosa River fishes a lot alike on most of the lakes. So I decided to stick with a Neely Henry pattern and try it on Weiss Lake. Thankfully my grandfather showed me some places a few years ago and we won a tournament there so I had an idea of the general area I would be wanting to go.

The day started off extremely productive and I was able to start culling by 8am and the places I fished with my grandfather were slam loaded with big ol’ fat girl spots! Every single fish I caught was on the Go2Bait 4.5 Shaky Worm in Watermelon Candy color on a Tackle Dr. jig head. I ended up the day in 7th place, not to bad for a “spur of the moment” tournament. A big part of my success was also because of Greg’s Custom Rods , Trilene 100% Fluro, and my Lews Reels It was EXTREMELY windy yesterday and thanks to the sensitivity of Greg’s Rods and the 100% Fluro¬† I was able to stick to my finesse fishing pattern unlike a lot of guys and keep putting fish in the boat! I was also using the high speed Lews Reel so that when them fish hit I could reel the slack out and get a hook in them quick before they dropped my worm.¬† I can’t begin to tell you how vital that was yesterday!

Thanks everyone for all the support and give me a call, lets go chase fat girls together!



Bass Weekend Series Weiss Lake

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2011 – Halfway Through the Season

October 6th, 2011 Written By: Posted In: Tournament News

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update on what’s going on right now. I have had a great year! Fishing on Neely has been outstanding no matter what people say! I have heard rumor of “Neely going downhill” Well, the 7+lbr I caught a couple weeks ago sure did not get the notice lol!! I caught it with Alabama Outdoor News magazine crew, that’s amazing to catch such a healthy fish in mid August! Absolutely beautiful fish! So…NO NEELY IS ALIVE AND WELL!!! I am sitting in 19th place on the BASS Weekend Series trail and have the division Championship coming up. FROG WILL BE ON!! Thats a great time of year and I am looing forward to it! If I stay in the top 40, which I have done the “points math” and even if I zero both days I still would probably wake it, then I will be heading to the Regional Championship in Mobile. This will be my 1st one to attend since I have never fished the Weekend Series trail completely though the year. So it will be a fun time! I have got to say the support from sponsors, friends, and family this year has been amazing!! Everyone on my team rocks for sure! If you want to get updates everyday about fishing go to my facebook fan page, this is where all the real action takes place Www.Facebook.com/DustinKingFishing



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