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Awesome Tournament Kick Off!

April 18th, 2013 Written By: Posted In: Tournament News

This tournament season has started off pretty well! My Weekend Series tournament on Guntersville was pretty difficult but things headed up from there. I was offered to go fish a “wounded warriors on the water” tournament on Wheeler Lake and you talk about an absolute blast. My partner was a 15 year Marine and was flat smoked em. We finished the day in 5th place with over 17lbs of beautiful bronzebacks and big fish. I smoked a 7lb smallie 3rd cast of the morning. That tends to help the situation pretty good lol All of our fish were caught on jerkbaits and Tackle Doctor shaky heads paired up with a Go2bat 4in shaky worm. It was a day I will honestly never forget. We had our 5th place limit by 10am and just continued to pour on the heat the rest of the day. My partner and I had so much fun and it was a friendship made that will last forever. I was thrilled to be able to spend time giving back to those who gave for us. It really ment a lot to me and it did him as well. He was extremely grateful and all the thanks was to be owed to him for sure! Keep all those guys in your prayers as they go through life. I learned that just because they are home “safe and sound” does not mean mean “all is well”. Those guys see a lot and have struggles that will last their lifetime. I appreciate your time soldier, and thank you!!

Wheeler Smallmouth

Me and My soldier

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